Kids sleeping with love

Kids sleeping with love
01/07/2017 NANU BEDTIME
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Her children are a mother’s most precious treasure. We live to take care of their physical needs. However, it is important to remember that their psychological development is equally important. Growing them in an atmosphere surrounded by love is the shared ideal for all mothers, albeit trust is also a crucial need.

The habits and organized way of livingyou grow our child in,establish the fundamental sense of social trust. Attending to his/her psychological needs makesyour child feel WORTHY, and LOVED and that he/she is in a CARING, LOVING, and TRUSTING environment.

One of the most important habits that your child should develop is the sleeping pattern. The environment provided for him/her and the ritual of sleep are two very important preconditions for your child to feel psychologically comfortable and safe.

Take your child to his/her room for sleep at the same time every day. Bathing him/her before sleepwould provide calmness and increased comfort. It is useful to find a sleep-buddy for the child to cuddle to, from the babyhood on. Putting on pajamas, telling lullabies and bedtime stories under adim light;in other words, creating a “going to sleep ritual”, makes sleep time enjoyable and easier for your child.

Make sure your child is not hungry at the time of sleep. Avoid sudden changes in soundlevels inside the house. The mother should pat him/her very calmly, scratch his/her back and give him/her a good night kiss to complete the ritual.

Remember, your child would sense it immediately when you are stressed. In such a case, it would be more difficult for him/her to fall asleep. Therefore, you should calmly complete the sleep ritual and leave the room after giving him/her a goodnight kiss.

Goodnight kiss means love and trust for the child. You should give your kid a good night kiss even if he/she is already asleep. This is very important for your child to build trust for the outside world and feel WORTHY.

Lacking or delay of such a ritual creates a restless, tense mood in the child and he/she starts feeling psychologically unsatisfied,and deprived. You may think that a goodnight kiss is a very small detail but it means a lot for your child.

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