Is your baby feeling sleepy? Here are some tips to know.

Is your baby feeling sleepy? Here are some tips to know.
01/07/2017 NANU BEDTIME
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Babies need a quiet and safe place to sleep. They want comfort, and the most comfortable place is their mom’s bosom.

When feeling sleepy, they either close their eyes or avoid eye contact. Occasional yawning or crying may accompany these behaviors. Noticing these clues ease the baby’s transition in to a quality sleep. You must remember that babies may also want to fall in to sleep to avoid crowded attention.

Rocking the baby to sleep, singing lullabies, or patting the baby’s back may provide comfort. However, please keep in mind that doing all at the same time may be disturbingfor the baby than comforting.In case your baby feels disturbed, wrapping her inside a light, soft blanket would help.

A bed that is surrounded with soft, cotton cushions is ideal. Make sure your baby’s sleepwear is 100% cotton, which would allow the skin to breathe and maintain body temperature. Once the right sleepwear is used, just a light blanket would do more than enough.

Finally, please ensure the area where your baby sleeps is free of toys or any other objects for a safe sleep.

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Expert Psychological Counselor
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