Feng Shui tips for baby and kids’ sleep rooms

Feng Shui tips for baby and kids’ sleep rooms
01/07/2017 NANU BEDTIME
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Congratulations! You are either holding (or about to hold) the life’s most precious gift in your hands, your baby!

Preparing for a new baby requires meticulous planning.

A peaceful and harmonious room would contribute greatly to your baby’s healthy growth. Preparing a room that will inspire your child, gain her interest,and tempt excitement are all very important. To make a room that will serve these purposes, in which you will spend time together and relax;just trust your instincts and let it appeal to five sensesso that the bond between you and your baby shall develop strong. To this end, Feng Shui offers some very useful tips.

Your baby would sleep better and become less proneto illness in a room where Feng Shui is properly organized.


  • Choose your baby’s room in the ‘Kids’ or ‘Creativity’ direction of the house if possible.
  • The room should not be facing a street.
  • It is important that the room is not located on top of a garage.
  • If possible decorate the ceiling with clouds, stars or stickers (which shine at night) so that your baby will feel like sleeping in nature.
  • Head-side of the bed should be placed next to a wall and should not be placed towards a window.
  • Baby’s bed should not be across/facing the door directly.
  • Feet-side should not be pointing the door.
  • Baby’s bed should not be located close to a power outlet. Try not to keep too many electrical/electronical devices in the room. Electromagnetic waves produced by these devices are harmfulto your baby.
  • Do not clutter the room with too many objects or toys. Allow the energy to come in and flow freely in the room.
  • Avoid red and orange colours in the room. They make your baby overly active, whichmay hamper sleep quality.
  • Go beyond the classical pink or blue as you choose colours for the room. Prefer pastel tones that inspire serenity, happiness and comfort to enable quality sleep.
  • Make sure you choose objects with smooth curves. Pointed edges generate stiff energies,which would disturb your baby like an arrow.
  • If you want to use animal motifs, prefer happy, cute, lovely ones. Research shows little kids mostly prefer bears, rabbits and pigs. Avoid aggressiveanimals like lions, tigers, alligators etc.
  • Be sensitive to your baby’s sense of smell. Ventilate the room daily. Make her feel the calming scents of aromatic oils. Lavender, daisy, rose and vanilla are the most suitable scents.
  • Make sure everything in your baby’s room, including furniture, paintings, wall papers, bed/quilt covers, curtains and carpets are made with natural products. Avoid plastic,prefer wood.
  • Finally, place loving pictures of her parents, grandparents or other close relatives in the baby’s room. This would ensure he/she feels loved and protected.

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