Feng Shui for babysleep rooms: Which side should your baby turn to sleep?

Feng Shui for babysleep rooms: Which side should your baby turn to sleep?
01/07/2017 NANU BEDTIME
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Babies spend most of their time sleeping and a quality sleep is critical for their healthy growth, and Feng Shui helps moms prepare the best lay-out for the baby’s sleep room.

Position of the bed affects the baby’s sleep. Maximum amount of chi is drawn thru the upper side of the head. Thus, the direction the upper side of the baby’s headdetermines the type of chi the baby will draw during sleep.

Some tips
Review the directions below and pick the one that is most appropriate for your baby.

Ideal for growth. The most active of all directions. Pick if you want to start the morning feeling good and fresh.

South –East:
It helps sleep. Supports the baby’s imagination and creativity. Provides harmony, coherence, and supports growth.

It doesn’t support sleep. Should be used as a day-time activity or play direction.

It has a calm and steady energy. Supports good sleep. The chi from this direction is protective, supportive and caring.

This direction brings all the benefits of a cheerful, and playful mood along with a good sleep.

Despite it helps sleep, the chi from this direction may be a little heavy and sedate for the baby.

It’s a quite direction. May be helpful for the babies that have difficulty to sleep, however, it is best if chosen for young children as the chi of this direction is very sedate.

The chi from this direction is weighty and may disrupt sleep. It may create tantrums while the baby is asleep and cause disturbances.

Fatmagül Alacakaptan
Feng Shuist

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