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The most comfortable pyjamas without itchy labels, flanell sleeping bags, in which your kids would sweat less or special zippers so that you could change diapers without waking your baby.


Skin BumperTM

with / without door

Our globally patented Skin BumperTM integrated inner cushioning for Nanu sleep furniture protects children against occasional bumps while providing fresh air circulation and visibility. As it is an integral part of the furniture, it does not loosely wobble or create an untidy appearance. Finally, you can replace any part of the Skin Bumper if needed thanks to its multi-piece structure. Available in multiple colors.

Nanu Lily Bedstead is ideal for the children transitioning from a crib to a single bed. Suitable for the ages from 1 years up to 8 years. Its height from the floor is a mere 75 cm. The sides would keep the children from falling off the bed during sleep. In case you prefer the one with the door at the end, you may leave it closed at night but open during the day, so that your kid would easily get in and off Nanu’s Lily.


All-time favorite: Peony next-to-mom cradle

What could be the most practical and elegant add on in your bedroom? Perhaps something that helps you sleep hand in hand, eye to eye with your new baby? Well, Nanu Peony cradle is designed just for that. After 6 months? Peony becomes a stylish study desk or a miniature bench in your baby’s sleep room.

Peony is a 50x90cm stylish cradle with adjustable height. It is designed for use up to 6 months and can be easily attached to your bed. Made of first quality MDF and EN71-3 certified, odorless, water-based primer, paint, and polish.


Easy-open, no-sweat sleep bags

Does your baby sweat during sleep or wake up when you try changing diapers? It’s time to give Nanu sleep bags a try.

In the past, our elders used to make winter pajamas only with flannel fabric. Because this miraculous fabric has the ability to keep warm and prevent sweating by allowing the skin to breathe. We have used a double layer of flannel in our sleep bags to remove the need for additional cover and added a zipper at the bottom so that you can easily open it for a diaper change without waking your child. Yes, we have also produced a lighter one for the summer. Nanu sleep bags are suitable for ages from 6 months to 6 years. Available in 5 different colors: Pink, Ecru, Blue, Gray and Turquoise.


Good dreams dressers

Creative gradient color transition will calm and prepare your baby for a good sleep.

Nanu Bellis dressers come with 4 or 6 drawers for your preference. Their partially-opening drawers prevent tipping (although we still recommend fixing it to the wall). It is made with the highest quality MDF and EN71-3 certified, water-based, odorless primer, paint, and polish. Blum brand rails make our drawers close softly by themselves after a slight push. These rails are invisible from the sides to maintain the premium look of the furniture. Nanu Bellis dressers do not have handles because we have created a hidden grip for a tidier look and easy opening. Just pick your size and color(s).


The infamous Nanu comfort

for a healthy good sleep

Perfection is in the details. Our soft as a cloud, 100% cotton, breathable sleepwear without itchy labels and adjusted patterns for the new generation’s relatively larger body sizes provides the infamous Nanu comfort. It will be hard to take them away from your kids.

Choose from our range of pajamas, nightgowns and sleep bags. Our notoriously comfy sleepwear is available for the ages from 6 months to 14 years in different styles and colors.


How about camping… At home?

Here is your kid’s future most popular place

This spacious and comfortable tent is made of 100% cotton fabric, so it allows for air circulation even in summer. It has a height of 2m and has room for even moms and dads. We bet your kid will love sharing this secret place with you. Close the window if you wish, so that nobody will find you in there. Stock a few books inside the inner pocket and maybe you read a couple of fairytales with your kid with a flashlight.


A fragrance from the land of sweet dreams

What would a mom-to-be perfumer do other than going on a quest to create the most enchanting sleep fragrance.

Inspired by the combination of peaceful pastel colors of Nanu, softness of pure cotton, and endless serenity, a mom-to-be perfumer wanted to create a charming scent for Nanu, the land of sweet dreams. She used a pinch of freshness from a green apple, a puff of zephyr kept in a cotton flower, a drop of rain trapped in an almond flower, some silky vanilla, and a bit of a magical musk. Needless to say, she only used water and avoided everything that would harm her baby. Nanu Dream perfume is enchanted. You must try to believe it.


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