Privacy Policy


• It is of utmost importance for us to protect the privacy of the personal information of all Nanu customers. We only keep the personal information (such as name, age, interests, e-mail, etc.) of our customers to serve them better in the future. Some of the information referred are required and used to process transactions and make cargo deliveries.
We are very sensitive and extra careful about the security of payment information online. To this end, we are working only with the leading banks of Turkey to process payments.

• The information collected may be used by Nanu in designing the best-fit campaigns, customizing promotional activities, and determining the best message to customers. Your personal information may also be shared with logistics and cargo companies to enable deliveries, our business partners if needed in the case of a mutual campaigns or interests that are deemed beneficial to you. Apart from these reasons, the information collected shall not be shared with any other third party without consent.

• The information received via customer cards/membership forms are not shared with third parties, nor they are used for any non-business purposes without prior consent of the customers.

• Personal information of the customers may only be disclosed to public authorities in case such a request is submitted via official channels and if it is necessary to make an explanation to authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable statutory legislation.

• Information entered on the website by the customer may only be accessed and revised by the customer.

• In case you need more information about data privacy and protection, you can always send an e-mail to