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    Flax Bedstead

    Please beware of the two critical issues: First and foremost, the furniture you use especially in your child's sleep room must be made by healthy and safe materials for children and babies. The paint and polish are the most critical items here. We invite mothers to trust their noses to control this vital issue. The furniture you buy for your child's sleep room should not have any chemical odor (even on the first day) that requires the ventilation of the room. We show the utmost care to the health and safety of babies and children. Therefore, we DO NOT use polyurethane-based paint, primer, or polish in our furniture. The primer, paint, and polish we use in our furniture do not pose any risk or danger for the environment and human health because they are manufactured in compliance with EN 71-3 toy safety standards. Therefore, our furniture does not diffuse any odor that requires ventilation of the room. Moms, trust your noses. The raw material we use is the highest quality MDF. It is a natural wood plate created under extreme heat and pressure to break the hard or soft residues and turning it into one layer of strong wood. This is why our furniture is heavy and we place hidden wheels underneath so that you can easily move it around. Second, we would like to tell you about Nanu's significant difference, the innovation that distinguishes us from other sleep furniture in the world: "Skin Bumper". Patented by Nanu worldwide, Skin Bumper is the soft and practical inner body cushioning for cribs and bedsteads. It removes the need for traditional bumpers, which are slowly being banned in developed countries due to the risk of suffocation, poor air circulation, and blocked visibility. This special inner cushioning removes the risk of suffocation, enables rich air circulation, and provides unblocked visibility to the inside of the furniture while protecting your child from occasional bumps. Some other supposedly innovative new bumpers that attach to furniture with different apparatus are dangerous, because the baby may use these to climb out of the bed. Skin Bumper adds to the stylish look of your child's sleep room with its neat and chic appearance and beautiful colors. It is stain-resistant and can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Although very unlikely, in the case of permanent damage to a part of the Skin Bumper, it is easy to order that specific piece and replace it. You may also replace the whole Skin Bumper if you want. Think about another baby is on the way and you need the Skin Bumper in a different color. Just order it we will make sure it arrives before the new baby does.
    1,668.46 1,498.15
    1,668.46 1,498.15