Design tips for your baby’s sleep room

Design tips for your baby’s sleep room
06/07/2017 NANU BEDTIME
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One of the great joy of expecting mothers is to design and prepare their baby’s sleep room, which is a
very serious task. Aside from its chicness, a good sleep room should be comfortable, peaceful and safe.
There are many details to consider: How should the room look like? What color should the walls be?
What kind of a mattress to use? Which furniture to pick? Should there be a carpet on the floor? Which
quilt covers must be used? How about the sleepwear?
Mothers are overwhelmed with such questions. In this article, we will try to relieve moms by providing
some useful tips on designing and preparing the best sleep room for their babies.
Why we are giving the baby’s sleep room this much thought? Well, it is simply because sleep plays a vital
role in every baby’s development. It is so critical that mostly considered to be more important than
nutrition. A well prepared, peaceful sleep room would guarantee the quality of the baby’s sleep and
safeguard physical development.

1) The mother’s instincts should account for a great deal in designing the details of the sleep room,
considering the only thing known could be the baby’s gender. Moms should not be hesitant to follow their
instincts and imaginations as much as they can.

2) First, you must decide which room to pick as the sleep room. I strongly suggest you choose a room which is
as far away from any outside noise as possible. Pick a room that is not directly facing the street if you can.
Make sure it is easily reachable to you at any time. It would be great if the room is facing east, full of sunshine
and has access to fresh air at any time.

3) It is best to use water-based, quick-drying, odorless paint for the walls of a baby’s sleep room. Pastel colors
create a peaceful, comforting ambiance. Avoid dark colors; which would make the room look congested.
Light colors, on the contrary, would provide a spacious feel. You may use some colorful accessories or add
slightly colored borders on the wallpaper to bring dynamism and fun in to the room.

4) Make sure everything in the sleep room – from furniture to accessories, wallpaper to carpets, quilt covers
to curtains – is made only with natural materials. Avoid plastic as much as you can. As for the bed sheets and
sleep wear, choose nothing but 100% cotton items, which would allow your baby’s skin to breath during

5) Furniture may possess serious risks. All furniture items must be safely fixed to prevent rolling over. They
must be made in such a way to make it difficult for your baby or child to climb on. Bedside railings should be
high enough to prevent falling. Choose a crib that is adjustable with multiple levels as the baby grows. This
would allow the mom to reach in and care for the baby within the first six months by keeping the bed high
and would be lowered for safety once the baby starts standing up.

6) Design is not everything in the baby’s sleep room furniture. Material quality, down to every detail, is also
very important. For instance, making the guide rails used in the drawers hidden improves the quality of the
furniture but also makes it safer for your children. A 6-drawer commode should not roll over when all of the
drawers are open. Handles may not only cause accidents but also used by your child to climb on the
furniture. Therefore, I advise against the use of handles on any sleep room furniture. In short, moms should
only trust knowledgeable and meticulous brands with their baby’s sleep room.

7) Here are some tips for the lay out of the room: To place the crib, pick a spot that is not directly facing the
door. Make sure the head-side is at the wall and not in front of a window. It would be best if the feet-side is
towards the door. Keep the crib away from any electricity plug. Try not to place too many electrical or
electronical devices in the room, to keep your baby safe from the electromagnetic signals transmitted by
such devices. In fact, keep the room free from any kind of clutter and let the clean energy circulate.

8) Avoid the colors red and orange. These colors make babies more active, hence reduce the quality of sleep.
Go beyond the classic pink or blue and try to choose different pastel colors that give you happiness and
peace of mind. If you are a lover of animal motifs, pick cute, cuddly ones. That is, no to lions, tigers or
alligators. Fish, rabbits, cats, and dogs are far better choices.

9) Keep the air in the room fresh by opening the windows every day. Use relaxing aromatic oils such as
lavender, chamomile, rose, and vanilla. Especially lavender is the best to prepare your baby for sleep.

10) Finally, remember to keep pictures of you, dad, brothers and sisters, and grandparents in your baby’s
sleep room. Smiling faces will remind your baby how much he/she is loved and protected.
After all, it is always the small things that make the big differences.
Happy sleep from the land of sweet dreams! 

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